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As a premier tour company that has been operating Uganda Gorilla Safaris since 2008, we have accumulated extensive experience in providing exceptional and immersive wildlife experiences in the beautiful country of Uganda. Our deep understanding of Uganda’s unique ecosystem, combined with our commitment to conservation and responsible tourism, allows us to offer unforgettable and ethical encounters with the majestic mountain gorillas.

With a team of highly knowledgeable guides, rangers, and trackers, we are well-equipped to create an itinerary that showcases the best of Uganda’s gorilla populations and their habitats. Over the years, we have developed strong partnerships with local communities, conservation organizations, and park authorities, ensuring that our guests have exclusive access to the gorilla families while prioritizing their well-being and habitat preservation.

When embarking on a Uganda Gorilla Safari with us, you can expect a seamless and meticulously planned experience. From the moment you arrive at Entebbe International Airport, our professional team will be there to warmly welcome you and provide you with personalized assistance throughout your journey. We understand the significance of gorilla trekking and aim to make it a truly memorable and life-changing adventure.

Our itineraries are carefully crafted to optimize your chances of encountering gorillas in their natural habitat. We abide by strict conservation guidelines, limiting the number of visitors per gorilla group to ensure intimate and respectful encounters. Our experienced guides will provide comprehensive pre-trek briefings, offering insights into gorilla behavior, trekking etiquette, and the importance of conservation efforts.

As you set out on your gorilla trek, our skilled trackers will lead the way, utilizing their expertise to locate the gorilla families. Trekking through Uganda’s lush forests and hilly terrains adds an element of adventure and anticipation to your journey. Rest assured, our guides are well-trained and experienced in navigating the trails, ensuring your safety and comfort throughout the trek.

Once you find the gorilla family, you’ll have a precious hour to observe their natural behaviors up close. Witness their social interactions, nurturing behaviors, and playful antics in their natural habitat. It is a humbling and awe-inspiring experience that fosters a deep connection and appreciation for these incredible creatures and their conservation.

Beyond gorilla trekking, our Uganda Gorilla Safaris offer opportunities to explore the country’s rich biodiversity and cultural heritage. Our itineraries often include visits to other national parks, where you can encounter a diverse array of wildlife, including chimpanzees, elephants, and various bird species. Additionally, we incorporate visits to local communities, allowing you to engage with residents, learn about their traditions, and contribute to sustainable tourism practices.

Our carefully selected accommodations range from luxury lodges nestled in the heart of nature to eco-friendly campsites, providing you with comfort and relaxation after exhilarating days of gorilla trekking. We ensure that your stay complements the overall safari experience, offering exceptional service and amenities that reflect the beauty and serenity of Uganda.

With over 14 years of experience and commitment to excellence, we guarantee that your Uganda Gorilla Safari will be a transformative and unforgettable adventure. We are passionate about sharing the wonders of Uganda’s gorillas and look forward to creating cherished memories for you as you discover the magic of these magnificent creatures and the stunning landscapes of Uganda.

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