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Mount Nyiragongo

How much does it cost to climb Nyiragongo?

2 Days Nyiragongo expedition costs around $990 to $1200 on average when traveling with a reputable tour operator. This post explains all the costs involved in a Nyiragongo climb so that you can make an accurate budget for yourself.

Climbing Mount Nyiragongo is an epic adventure trip. We’re excited for you that you’re considering doing it!

We’re here to demystify the costs involved and help you make a budget for your Nyiragongo Expedition.

In this post we discuss all of the different finances required to make it to Congo and then have an enjoyable and safe climb on Mount Nyiragongo. As such, we discuss the following costs:

  • Travel to Kilimanjaro
  • Congo Tourist visa
  • Airport transfers
  • Travel insurance
  • Using tech devices in Congo
  • Vaccinations and meds
  • Trekking gear
  • Trekking clothing
  • Congo tour operators
  • Solo traveller supplement
  • Spending cash
  • Tipping on  Nyiragongo

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