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Guide to Nyiragongo Volcano Trek

Practical Guide to Climb Nyiragongo Volcano Trek – Climbing Nyiragongo

With Over 10 Years Of Experience Climbing Nyiragongo is focused On providing our Clients with Authentic Nyiragongo Expeditions to summit the world’s largest lava lake. our Nyiragongo Trekking tours are divided into three type and these are family adventures, group treks and private bespoken nyiragongo treks that set off any time of the year depending on your interest and needs.

Nyiragongo volcano trek is divided into five sections, with a 15-minute break at each stop. Hikers commence the ascent at the Kibati Ranger Post at an altitude of 1870m and reach the summit at 3,470m, with a 6.5km hike each way. Average climbing time is between 4 and 6 hours, with descent off the volcano taking around 4 hours. Times are dependent on group speed and agility as the slowest person on the trek sets the pace.

The first section of the trek will take guests through dense forest at the base of Nyiragongo. It is in this area that hikers are encouraged to keep a look out for wildlife, including monkeys and bushbuck.

The forest ascends up into the second section whose open skied trails offer beautiful views of the valley below. The third section takes you across old lava flows and past steaming volcanic fissures. After entering high montane forest to traverse the fourth section, the fifth and final ascent is a steep 300m to the summit.

Once at the top, exhaustion melts away as Nyiragongo offers an exhilarating gift to those who have conquered its slopes: the world’s largest lava lake churning away in a mosaic of molten red fire. The most breathtaking spectacle is saved for last however, when the sun goes down and Nyiragongo begins its nightly glow against a backdrop of stars.

packing list

  • Number of shelters: 12 (2 people per shelter).
  • Sanitation: Communal latrine toilet, no running water.
  • Nyiragongo backpacks from the Park: USD 100. Includes sleeping bag, warm clothes, snacks, water, lunch, dinner and breakfast. This cost includes a cook to prepare meals.
  • Hire of porters: USD 25 for 15kg bag.
  • Locally made walking sticks are available for purchase at the start of the trek for USD 10.

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