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Edward on Nyiragongo

What I wish I knew before climbing Nyiragongo

Everything you need to know about climbing Nyiragongo Volcano

I last visited Virunga National Park for Nyiragongo expeditions in 2021 during the COVID time before the official closer of the park due to insecurity and my experience in the Virunga massif is always unique.

Nyiragongo Climber when it comes to climbing Nyiragongo, its different from Rwenzori trekking and Kilimanjaro mountain! The Nyiragongo Expeditions is less challenging and ease as its two days hike that doesn’t require experience to climb or to be a professional hiker to summit to the world’s largest lava lake. It’s a real adventure that brings unforgettable highs and challenging lows. The best part about climbing Nyiragongo – and what makes is so popular – is that it’s accessible to almost anyone.

Edward on NyiragongoWith the right preparation, a strong dose of determination, and a fantastic support team around you, it’s very possible to reach the summit. Taking on such a challenge does require a fair bit of planning and preparation. There is a lot to understand and know before you go.

From costs and packing lists to the route you choose and the climb itself. That’s why we have put together this ultimate guide to climbing Nyiragongo. Here I answer all the questions you may have about climbing the famous mountain.

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